Services / Strata Administration & Financial Management Services

ESM has been providing professional management services to strata companies since 1986. We understand that every strata company has its own unique circumstances which may be determined by age and location of the property, the use of the lots and the applicable by-laws.

The staff at ESM are skilled professionals who will ensure that the affairs of your strata company are effectively managed at an affordable and agreed cost in accordance with your expectations.

Each one of our clients has a dedicated strata manager who is supported by two administrative staff members.

Our services include:

  • Financial Management Services: maintain bank accounts on behalf of the strata company; manage cash flow and budgets; implement debt recovery procedures;  maintain proper books of account and prepare draft administrative budget and reserve fund provisions.
  • Secretarial and Administrative Management Services: deal with all correspondence, enquiries, complaints and requests for information on behalf of the strata company and maintain all necessary records.
  • Routine Strata Company Management Services: arrange routine day-to- day maintenance, repair and replacement of common property; liaison with contractors and suppliers; process insurance claims; prepare and distribute notices and minutes for AGMs and arrange insurance valuations as required.
  • Advice and assistance to the Council: prepare and implement policies in respect to -compliance with by-laws; management and control of common property; planned maintenance and repair of common property; and general management advice on by-law changes, dispute resolution and compliance with the Strata Titles Act.