Resort & Lifestyle Strata Schemes

Resort and lifestyle strata management services often come with a unique set of challenges due to the diverse groups of people involved with the strata development and their interests. Balancing the needs of your clients along with meeting the requirements of running the strata development is a tricky task and you will need support from the best.

The team at Exclusive Strata Management understand the complexities involved in resort and lifestyle strata schemes and our strata management services will ensure that your strata development is run as smoothly as possible. At ESM our services include:

Management, repair and maintenance of common property
The Council of Owners are required by the Strata Titles Act to repair common property, however, this can be difficult as it is not always clear what common property is and what property belongs to the owner. At Exclusive Strata Management our team can assist with the management of common property so that you know exactly what your obligations under the strata scheme are.

Strata financial management services
Here at ESM our team of financial personnel are experienced with managing all financial matters pertaining to resort and lifestyle strata schemes. From taking care of billing and expenses to levying the owners in the strata scheme, we can handle it for you.

Administer compliance with the by-laws
By-Laws are a set of rules that regulate a variety of matters including the keeping of pets, acceptable noise levels and parking on common property, just to name a select few. Revisions to these by-laws are made all the time, so it’s not always straightforward to determine which laws apply to your strata development. At ESM our team of strata managers stay up to date with the regulations and laws that can apply to your new strata development so that you can focus on more important matters.

Prepare and maintain a roll of proprietors
All strata developments must prepare and maintain a roll of proprietors in accordance with the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996, which includes information pertaining to names and addresses of owners and tenants, mortgagees, the units of entitlement and all insurance related information. At Exclusive Strata Management we can take care of all these important yet time consuming strata management tasks for you.

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