Residential Strata Schemes Management

At Exclusive Strata Management we offer a comprehensive range of residential strata management services to our clients. As a leading strata management company in Perth, we strive to take the headache out of managing a residential strata property by assisting with:

Management, repair and maintenance of common property

Drawing the lines between what is and what isn’t common property in a residential strata development can be tricky at times. At Exclusive Strata Management we are experienced when it comes to dealing with the issues that can arise when it comes to common property, such as whose responsibility it is when managing the repair or maintenance of driveways, parking, gardens or other shared spaces.

Management of finances of the strata company

Exclusive Strata Management takes the hassle out of managing all of the finer financial matters associated with strata development. We offer our clients a comprehensive strata financial management service which includes the establishment of bank accounts and billing services.

Administering compliance with the by-laws

Changes in legislation pertaining to strata development occur more often than you may think. At ESM our team of qualified strata managers will ensure that your residential strata development adheres to all of the relevant by-laws applicable in Perth.

Levying owners in the strata scheme

Without the collection of timely levy payments, a strata development company will not be able to effectively manage the costs associated with the running and maintenance of the strata development. On behalf of the strata company, ESM can levy the owners in the residential strata scheme.

Obtaining insurance quotes and managing claims

The team at Exclusive Strata Management can take care of all insurance related queries that will arise as part of a new strata development. This includes organising valuation to preparing and lodging insurance claims.

Other services

Other administration services that ESM can manage on behalf of the strata company are the maintenance of statutory records as well as the preparation and maintenance of a roll of proprietors.


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