Working with ESM Strata

Exclusive Strata Management currently engages with over 3,500 Suppliers across Western Australia in order to service the needs of the Strata Companies they manage.

Please note there is no legally binding relationship between you as a Supplier and Exclusive Strata Management. The relationship exists between you and the Strata Company that has requested the service from you.

What to expect when you become an Approved Supplier:

  1. You should not provide any service(s) unless you have received a work order requesting the service(s).
  2. Any work order(s) you receive to supply service(s) will be addressed from the relevant Strata Company  and not from Exclusive Strata Management.
  3. All Supplier invoices must be sent to in PDF format.  Invoices not sent to this address or sent in a different format will delay processing and therefore payment of the invoice.  If you would like to submit an invoice please click here.
  4. With the exception of some contracted services, Exclusive Strata Management generally has no authority to approve the payment of any invoices.  Once an invoice is received and entered into the Strata Management system it is forwarded to the relevant Strata Company’s Council of Owners for approval. Approval can take up to several weeks especially if Council members are out of communication or a Council member(s) is not satisfied with the quality of the services provided.
  5. Once approval is provided by the majority of Council Members the invoice will be flagged for payment in the Strata Management System with payments made on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s each week.
  6. You will receive a Remittance Advice only if you have supplied an email address.
  7. If you believe a payment is overdue please email before contacting the office.  If you have not had a response to your enquiry within 48 hours please contact the office on 93621166 and follow the prompts.
  8. As part of Exclusive Strata Management’s Supplier Compliance Process, you will be contacted once a year to update/confirm your details, provide copies of relevant insurance certificates and any licences that you are required to maintain in order for you to legally provide the services you offer.

We look forward to working with you in order to protect and grow the assets of our Clients.