Altair Waterfront Apartments, 132 Terrace Road, Perth (2009-2015)

Altair Waterfront Apartments is a 123 lot mixed use scheme with 120 residential and 3 commercial lots.

Services provided included:

  • Management, repair and maintenance of common property
  • Manage finances of the strata company
  • Administer compliance with the by-laws
  • Levy owners in the strata scheme
  • Maintain statutory and other records
  • Prepare and maintain a roll of proprietors
  • Obtain quotes for insurance and ensure the property is appropriately insured, managing any claims as they arise
  • Liaison with property managers of commercial units


  • I have been a resident at Altair apartments for the past 5 years, and a member of the council of owners for 3 of those years.

    The council engaged ESM to be our strata manager in 2009 and we have always had very efficient and professional service from everyone in the team at ESM.

    Nothing is too much of a problem or too hard for them to deal with.

    Currently we have a real positive vibe in the building and ESM has played a big part in our approach to developing the vibe and culture.

    I would certainly recommend ESM to anyone seeking advice and assistance in strata management.

    Stephen Hansen, Chairman Council of Owners
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