Sunnys Riverside Apartments, 1 Riverside Road, East Fremantle

Sunnys Riverside Apartments consist of 30 lot residential scheme.

ESM provides services to the strata company council including:

  • Management, repair and maintenance of common property
  • Manage finances of the strata company
  • Administer compliance with the by-laws
  • Levy owners in the strata scheme
  • Maintain statutory and other records
  • Prepare and maintain a roll of proprietors
  • Obtain quotes for insurance and ensure the property is appropriately insured, managing any claims as they arise


  • I have had the pleasure of working with ESM as chair and member of a committee of owners, over a number of years and budgets. At all times I have found ESM to be professional and responsive, providing excellent advice and support.
    Nigel Glass AM, Sunnys Riverside Apartments, East Fremantle.
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