Mixed-Use Strata Schemes

Mixed – use strata schemes present a variety of management complexities simply by their nature. When residential and commercial interests are present in the one strata development, particular attention has to be paid to the interest of both parties. At Exclusive Strata Management our team of professionals are equipped to service the needs of both residential and commercial strata owners and their residents.

At ESM our strata management services include:

Management, repair and maintenance of common property
Did you know that common property encompasses stairwells, driveways, visitor parking, roofs, pathways, gardens, gates and garbage areas? And that’s just to name a few. At Exclusive Strata Management our team of strata managers can assist with the management of all of these areas.

Financial management services
At ESM our team of professional strata support staff can take the hassle out of managing the financial matters involved in mixed- use strata developments. Our financial management services include the establishment of bank accounts and billing services.

Administer compliance with relevant legislation
While the Strata Titles Act of WA was created in 1985, amendments to the legislation pertaining to mixed-use strata developments takes place all the time. At ESM our team of strata managers are all well versed in the regulations and laws that can apply to your new strata development, so don’t run the risk of violating them. Exclusive Strata Management can take the hassle out of staying up to date with the relevant strata laws for you.

Providing routine strata company management services
While the everyday operations involved with a mixed-use strata scheme may be simple enough, they can take considerable time and energy to effectively deal with them. At ESM we can take care of all these time consuming strata management tasks for you, whether it be liaising with contractors and suppliers, preparing and distributing strata development information or arranging insurance valuations or claims.

Here at ESM we can also levy owners in the mixed-use strata scheme, maintain statutory and other records and prepare and maintain a roll of proprietors.

To see a case study of one of our clients within a mixed-use strata scheme, click here.