FAQs / ESM Strata

Will I always deal with the same strata manager?
Each of our clients is allocated one of our experienced strata managers, with each of our strata managers supported by a dedicated administration team. This means that if for any reason your strata manager is not available, there is a team of people who can respond to your urgent enquiry or request.
What kind of properties does ESM manage?
ESM manages all strata scheme types – including residential, commercial, mixed-use, survey strata and resort & lifestyle schemes.
Why should I use the services of a professional strata manager?
Strata management is a specialist field of knowledge and all strata managers with ESM are committed to our mission, which is to provide services on or above industry best practice standards of strata management. An ESM strata manager is able to carry out the functions and duties of the strata council, including secretarial, administrative and financial management, organisation of insurances and maintenance as well as advising on often complicated by-law and operational matters.
What is a levy?
A levy is the contribution determined by owners at the AGM that all owners are required to pay to meet the expenses of maintaining and managing the property and the strata company. There may also be reserve fund levies payable for any future works which may be required.
Can I have a pet at my strata property?
The keeping of animals is determined by the applicable by-laws and varies from property to property. You will need to check with your strata manager whether any restrictions apply to your strata scheme.