Commercial Strata Schemes Management Perth

Here at Exclusive Strata Management our team of strata managers are experienced with dealing with the complexities presented by commercial strata schemes, which are significantly different to the management of residential strata schemes.

At ESM our strata managers are well versed in the legislation affecting commercial strata management and they have a broad knowledge of the following areas:

Contracts management

Commercial strata contracts cover a comprehensive amount of information and you may not always be clear on what your expectations are. Make sure your interests are protected by having a professional strata manager at ESM manage your commercial strata contract for you.

Security and fire safety

All strata developments are required by law to carry out fire safety inspections of common property at least annually including evacuation signage, evacuation plans and staff training. We cannot stress the importance of safety checks so that any issues can be discovered and rectified immediately, saving commercial strata owners money in the long run.

Local Government regulations

In Western Australia the Strata Titles Act 1985 outlines the local government laws and regulations that pertain to commercial strata developments. Amendments to these regulations and our team is experienced with dealing with local government regulations that apply to commercial strata schemes.

Occupation, health and safety laws

The regulations outlined in the Occupational Health & Safe Act 1996 can apply to commercial strata schemes when employees are working on the premises. There are particular regulations outlining the treatment of asbestos and site works at the strata development.

As well as a thorough knowledge of the legal side of commercial strata management development, ESM also provide general strata management services including:

  • Management and maintenance of common property
  • ESM will liaise with commercial property managers on behalf of the strata company
  • Management and conduct of strata company meetings
  • Management of all strata administration services
  • Financial management services

To see a case study of one of our clients within a commercial strata scheme click here.