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Understanding residential apartment strata levies and the variation in levies between lots

Looking to purchase an apartment in a strata scheme? There must be a few questions running through your mind. Like who sets the strata levies and why is there such a variation between lots? It’s important to answer these questions before making an inquiry into purchasing a unit. Watch our video below for a quick more »

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Strata Title for “Beginners”

Just bought or thinking of buying a Strata Title property? Don’t know what Strata Title is all about? Want to learn what you could be in for? Welcome to the first in a series of short blogs that will hopefully help you understand Strata Title It’s a form of ownership that enables people to buy a “lot” more »

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Short-Stay Letting – What You Need To Know

For those wanting to offer short-stay letting the emergence of online marketplace and hospitality service providers such as Airbnb and Stayz, whilst opening a new market for property investors and owners, has created chaos not only within the Strata Community but also throughout the greater WA property market. The first obstacle to be overcome by any more »

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ESM Strata - Example of a Strata Plan

What is a Strata Plan?

A Strata Plan is a registered document comprised of several pages of written descriptions, sketches and critical information about the lots. The Strata scheme comes about when a parcel of land or a building on a property is legally divided into a number of separate lots (at least 2) which can include common property (in more »

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Units of Entitlement

Unit entitlement   Unit entitlement is the relative proportion of each proprietor’s share of ownership in the whole of the strata or survey strata scheme.  The unit entitlement determines three important rights and obligations of proprietors: a)      Voting rights of the proprietor b)      The proportion of the undivided share of the common property c)       And more »

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ESM Strata Perth - Dispute

Disputes within Strata Companies

  At ESM, we assist many strata companies with disputes between residents commonly arising over issues including unauthorised parking of vehicles on common property or in another resident’s car bay, general maintenance issues, unauthorised pets which are causing a nuisance, loud noise complaints (including construction noise), and other issues. Some people tend to go into more »

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ESM Strata - Pets in a Strata Property Perth

Pets in Strata Titled Property

The default bylaw relating to the keeping of pets is contained in the Schedule 2 By-laws of the Strata Titles Act 1985 at Schedule 2, by-law 12(c)  12.  Additional duties of proprietors, occupiers, etc. A proprietor, occupier or other resident shall not —  (c) subject to section 42(15) of the Act, keep any animals on the lot that more »

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ESM Strata - Strata Company Management Perth

The State Administrative Tribunal

The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) in Western Australia deals with a broad range of administrative, commercial and personal matters. These matters span human rights, vocational regulation, commercial and civil disputes, and development and resources issues. The Tribunal is the primary place for the review of decisions made by Government agencies, public officials and local governments. It also makes a wide more »

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What should you find out before buying a strata property?

When buying a strata property, there are a number of important factors to consider before committing to the purchase. Under the Strata Titles Act 1985 (WA), a seller of a strata property is required to provide the buyer with a series of documents.  These include a disclosure statement (a Form 28); details about buying and more »

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Parking & Strata

We often get queries from our clients regarding parking at strata properties. So what are some of the common rules to abide by?

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